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  1. Copyright Claims, What To Do?
  2. Can I Re-Create or Re-Mix?
  3. Do You Create Custom / Original Music?
  4. Can I Submit Music?
  5. Can I Use The Music For Free?
  6. Why Pay For A Music License?
  7. What Payment Types Are There?
  8. Can I Download Music On My Devices?

1. Copyright Claims, What To Do?

What should I do if I get a copyright claim on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc?
  • Please appeal the claim, do not remove your content and let them know that you have the right to use our music as a rightful customer.
  • If Facebook or Instagram warns you that your content is muted because you may be using copyrighted content, just click 'Restore Audio'.
  • If YouTube flags your channel for using 'copyrighted content' please click; "I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material".
  • When appealing against the claim, send them a link to the page where you found the music that you downloaded from us - www.tnsounddesign.com.
  • You can send a copy of your purchase receipt, this will help to appeal against the claim, and prove your rights to use our music within your project.
  • Please contact us with all of the details about the claim, including all information on those who are claiming ownership to our music. Send us details such as the; track title, composer, name or company name of those who have registered our music. This will help to reduce any future copyright claims.
  • Please send us as much information as possible, it will allow us to remove our music any platform and its registry, as quickly as possible.
We don't upload our music to any registry platforms!
  • We do not register any of our tracks on any platform, this includes; YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. So, if you get flagged for copyright, after uploading to platforms such as these, it means that someone is claiming the rights to our music.
  • YouTube, Facebook and Instagram use algorithms to check for copyrighted content, we do not register our music to these platforms. You should have no issues using our music in your projects and uploading to these platforms. However, if you do receive a copyright notice for any of our music used in your project, please let us know. We can then help to remove it from the registry of that platform.
  • We do not register our music to YouTube's 'Content ID' registry. So if you are flagged for copyright on YouTube, then someone is taking false ownership of our music. If this is the case, please contact us with all the details about the claim, along with the track title, composer, name, company etc.
  • We hope this has been helpful and if you have any other questions, please do contact us.
Click the link below to find out more about YouTube's Copyright Issues:


2. Can I Re-Create or Re-Mix?

  • Unfortunately not. We create our music for those who need, whether it be for videos, social media, YouTube channels, businesses, applications, video games and other multimedia projects.
  • For both the free license (Creative Commons) and the paid licenses that we offer, it is forbidden re-create/remix our music and to use it for music production purposes.


3. Do You Create Custom or Original Music?

  • We may be able to yes. Please feel free to contact us as we sometimes do take on bespoke music projects.
    Am I allow to change (edit, modify, transform etc) the music to fit my project in anyway?
  • As long as our music is being used for a multimedia project you can adapt the music as much as you like. We only ask that you do not manipulate our music in order to re-create or re-release our music as your own.


4. Can I Submit Music?

Do you accept music submissions?
  • We are always pleased to receive music submissions. Send us a copy of or a link to your music and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


5. Can I Use The Music For Free?

  • Of course! But you must credit tnsounddesign.com and respect the Creative Commons License Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0.
    You can check out our Music Licensing Chart to easily view our Licensing Details.
  • If you cannot or do not wish to credit TN Sound you can buy one of our music licenses. Purchasing a music license from TN Sound really helps to us to provide new music and features for the website. If you are happy with our service and would like to support us further you may also leave a donation.
Do I need to ask you the authorization to use your music?
  • There's no need to ask. If you've downloaded our music for free please make sure to credit us as www.tnsounddesign.com and respect our free and paid licensing terms:
  • License chart
  • Creative Commons License Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0
How do I credit TNSOUNDS correctly?
  • Example: 'Music By: www.tnsounddesign.com
  • For Online videos (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo etc) please credit us within the description.
What does "NoDerivs" within the free Creative Commons License mean?
  • "NoDerivs" means no derivative of our music is allowed. Simply put, you are not permitted to use our music to create and distribute your own music. This means no remixing or adding lyrics, instruments etc to then release the music as your own. You can use our music for Podcasts, videos and other multimedia project however.


6. Why Pay For A Music License?

Does my paid license allow me to use TNSOUNDS music on as many projects as I want?
  • If your projects are created for yourself then you can use our music as many times as you like for as many projects as you want.
  • If you are creating and/or selling projects for clients then you must buy a license for each client.
  • Music available under the Creative Commons License is free and available for commercial use, so long as you clearly credit us as stated at the bottom of our licensing page.
Can I specify a name on the license other than my own?
  • Yes you may change the Licensee name to whoever you wish. Please contact us to request who's name you would like on the License Certificate and we will resend your License with the correct name.
Do I need to credit TNSOUNDS if I have purchased a license?
  • No you don't, if you have purchased a license the credits to us are optional.


7. What Payment Types Are There?

How can I pay?
  • You will see a variety of payment methods during checkout. We accept card and PayPal payments.
Why is my payment method not working?
  • If you payment is failing to process then please choose a different card or method such as PayPal. If you continue to have difficulties then please contact us.
Will my purchase appear on my bank statement?
  • When choosing to pay via card the transaction will appear on your bank statement as "TNSOUNDS"


8. Can I Download Music On My Devices?

Am I able to download your music from an iPad or iPhone?
  • Yes of course, your download will be sent to your email address where you may download your file straight to your chosen device.