YouTube Copyright Notices & Claims

When you upload a video to YouTube it will be scanned by their recognition software to detect any copyrighted material within your content.

We do not register any of our music within YouTube’s content ID registry. Therefore, you should not receive any copyright notices when you are using our music within your videos when uploading your content to YouTube.

If you do receive a copyright notice / claim from YouTube it is mostly likely incorrect or someone has┬áregistered our music within YouTube’s Content ID registry without our permission.

What To Do If You Get a Copyright Notice?:

  • You can challenge the claim. You do not need to remove or change any of our music used within your video / content, YouTube will not ban you from using their platform.
  • Don’t worry, we have not registered our music on YouTube so you have done nothing wrong by using our music within your video / content.
  • Once you have contested the claim the copyright notification will be dropped, this usually takes between a few hours to a few days.
    If monetization is active on your video you will not lose any revenue.
  • When YouTube need to to tell them why you are disputing the claim, simply choose the following option: “I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material”.
  • Within the comments section that will appear when disputing the claim make sure to add a link to the track or page of the music that you downloaded from us.
  • If you have purchased one of our licenses you can attach your license certificate as proof of purchase and permission to use our music.
  • Please contact us with the details about the claim including the track title, composer, name, company and the label that have registered the track. Providing us with these details means we can do something on our side if someone has trying to claim our music as their own.

YouTube’s Content ID Registry

Unfortunately anyone can register our music to YouTube’s Content ID registry, this means that anyone can upload our music to YouTube’s registry without our permission.
When you inform us of the details of those who have registered our music it helps us to remove our music from YouTube’s registry, preventing yourself and others receiving any copyright notifications from YouTube.